What We Do

We simplify your environment. That is, we integrate various audio visual and environmental control devices into a unified system that works for you. One button to rule them all.

Control things like:

  • Projectors, Plasma Screens and LCD Screens
  • Video and Audio Switching
  • Wireless Presentation Devices
  • DStv and Apple TV
  • Lights, curtains and blinds
  • Air conditioning
  • Digital Signage

Audio Visual the way you want it

Repair Icon - A white wrench crossed over a white screwdriver centred in a mid blue circle


From component level device repair to intermittent gremlin hunting.

Troubleshooting and Gremlin Hunting

Is there something wrong with your system? Does it not do things that it is supposed to. Or, worse yet, does it do things that it’s not supposed to. We’ll figure out everything from complete system failure down to intermittent gremlin activity.

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Tweak, Update, Tidy

Tweak, Update, Tidy

Did you get a new projector? Did your company’s logo change? Do you need the motorised screen to stop 2 centimetres shorter? We can help you. From streamlining your startup to tidying up that cable nest behind the furniture

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Upgrade and Expand

Upgrade and Expand

Bigger, better, brighter, faster, 40K? When you want to add a new device, expand to a new room, add new features or increase your resolution we’re here for you. We’ll make it easy for you to adopt a new technology or level up your audio visual game.

Simplify your Environment